Map Card

The Map card that allows you to display entities on a map

Screenshot of the map card Screenshot of the map card.

To add the Map card to your user interface, click the menu (three dots at the top right of the screen) and then Edit Dashboard. Click the “Add Card” button in the bottom right corner and select Map from the card picker. All options for this card can be configured via the user interface.

Configuration Variables

type string Required


entities list Required

List of entity IDs. Either this or the geo_location_sources configuration option is required.

geo_location_sources list Required

List of geolocation sources. All current entities with that source will be displayed on the map. See Geolocation platform for valid sources. Set to all to use all available sources. Either this or the entities configuration option is required.

title string (Optional)

The card title.

aspect_ratio string (Optional)

Forces the height of the image to be a ratio of the width. Valid formats: Height percentage value (23%) or ratio expressed with colon or “x” separator (16:9 or 16x9). For a ratio, the second element can be omitted and will default to “1” (1.78 equals 1.78:1).

default_zoom integer (Optional)

The default zoom level of the map.


14 (or whatever zoom level is required to fit all visible markers)

dark_mode boolean (Optional, default: false)

Enable a dark theme for the map.

hours_to_show integer (Optional, default: 0)

Shows a path of previous locations. Hours to show as path on the map.

Only entities that have latitude and longitude attributes will be displayed on the map.

The default_zoom value will be ignored if it is set higher than the current zoom level after fitting all visible entity markers in the map window. In other words, this can only be used to zoom the map out by default.


The card can also be configured using YAML, some examples below:

type: map
aspect_ratio: 16:9
default_zoom: 8
  - device_tracker.demo_paulus
  - zone.home
type: map
  - nsw_rural_fire_service_feed
  - zone.home
type: map
  - device_tracker.demo_paulus
hours_to_show: 48